See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say About Their Experience With Platinum 1 Insurance Services

Working with Aces is always a pleasure: Joseph and his team are Aces.
Michael Chow
Mr. Chow Enterprises
As a realtor dealing with very high net worth individuals, every element of the service you provide needs to be flawless in order to ensure future business. I rarely make a strong referral because, and I have learned that the hard way, because if things go well I do not get any credit, however if things go poorly it always becomes my fault. There is no person I could refer higher in my career than Joey… he picks up his phone every single time, he solves complex issues, his team is top-notch, and he always delivers and saves my client's money. I have moved every asset I have under Platinum 1’s management, along with my entire family.

I will never refer anyone else to insure the valuable assets of those I care about other than platinum1. Truly in a league of their own.
Jacob Greene
The Altman Brothers
You want fire insurance and can't get it done?! Look no further- Joey has been my go to for two years and makes it happen without fail every time!
Ben Bacal
Revel Real Estate & App
Being in the insurance business I know first-hand the important role that a broker plays in keeping you covered and protected. There is no one other than Marc, Joseph and Platinum 1 that I would trust with my family or my business. I highly recommend Platinum 1.
Lee Mendelson, ESQ
Mendelson Law Group, APC
Running a large stone and marble company has many challenges. With so many moving parts delegation is a must. When it comes to insurance, I feel it is imperative that our company partners with a knowledgeable and trustworthy company. The team at Platinum 1 has consistently proven over the years to be knowledgeable, reliable and a partner my company values highly.
Shuki Rubin
Stoneland USA
Joey and Platinum One insurance have continually delivered regardless of the situation for me and my clients. He is my go to for every real estate transaction I do and handles all of my insurance needs with the highest level of care and professionalism possible.
Stephen Sweeny
SGS Estates
I love recommending working with Jessica and the Platinum 1 Insurance Team. I am so proud to connect her with my clients for their home insurance because they always come back to me raving about her service and their savings. More times than not, they end up using her for all insurance needs because of her ability to get them rates that not only save them money but time and headaches. She is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and very responsive. She has also helped me with my personal insurance needs which was a total breeze, and I feel safe and comfortable knowing I have the best policy at the best price- thanks to the best!
Megan Selesky
Riccio Real Estate Team
Joseph and the Platinum 1 team are an absolute pleasure to work with! They are extremely knowledgeable, proactive and always go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met. Thank you for the many years of great service!
Michael Horowitz
Business Manager
Wheel Concepts Industries, LLC
Joey is a deal saver. I’ve had deals contingent upon fire insurance and he’s always given me unbeatable quotes. There’s no one else in the city to work with but Platinum 1.
Drew Meyers
Westside Estate Agency
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